Current Transformers

Intellimeter offers a wide variety of Current Transformers, Split-Core, and Solid-Core for the most common circuit sizes.

The current transformers supply the meter with a current proportional to that of the main circuit of sufficiently reduced amplitude for an accurate measurement.

The measuring devices cannot be directly connected to the high-magnitude supplies. Hence current transformers are used to supply those devices with currents of magnitude proportional to those of power.

  • The 100 mili-Ampere secondary types of current transformers, are small in size and intrinsically safe, or self shorting eliminating the need for shorting blocks or a separate current transformer cabinet
  • Transformers with a 5 Ampere. secondary require shorting blocks, also available through Intellimeter
  • All the solid core current transformers are Revenue Grade and Approved by Measurement Canada
  • Our latest models are UL approved
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i-meter Solid Core Current Transformer
2 / 4
i-meter Solid Core Current Transformer 200mA
3 / 4
i-meter Split Core Current Transformer 400A
4/ 4
i-meter Solid Core Current Transformer 600A

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