Company Profile


We embrace innovation, reward ingenuity and work with our clients to devise the best metering solution for their specific needs.

Today, Intellimeter counts with a strong team of engineers, administrators and employees. The core principles remain strongly rooted in our culture. This, in addition to our innovative forethought and meticulous attention to detail is what continues to set us apart, seizing opportunities throughout the USA, Canada, and global markets.


To provide reliable, cost-effective and innovative metering products and services globally.


To be a global leader that provides reliable energy consumption information through innovative metering products and services; to enable users to measure, understand and conserve energy and resources.


To provide reliable products and services for the best value, meeting clients’ expectations and guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

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Intellimeter develops and distributes a comprehensive line of meter solutions to a range of private and public sector clients. Our greatest value is providing customers with energy information that strengthens conservation and energy accountability, and helps to promote lean property management.

We always aspire to reach higher and achieve those significant breakthroughs that impress our clients and resonate throughout the industry, while always striving to serve our customers with professionalism.

Innovation is one of our core values, as the company grew, it developed a reputation for not only creating ambitious new technologies in the energy sector, but also for evolving these technologies to be smaller, faster and more efficient for its customers.