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Backflow Valves

Protect your main water line from being contaminated by using backflow valves! A backflow valve is used and installed onto your water pipes to ensure that water only flows in one direction. Backflow...

Remote Pulse Counter Display

Remote Pulse Counter Display The i-meter® Remote Pulse Counter Display is a compact totalizing counter that captures pulse outputs from electrical, gas, water, and thermal energy meters, allowing for remote...

Shorting Block

3 Pole Shorting Block

Pulse Duplicator

i-meter® Pulse Duplicator The i-meter® Pulse Duplicator is an ideal addition when two systems need to share the information of a single meter. Whether adding a local counter to an...


RS485 Radio Bundle

Wireless Radio (ModBus RTU, BacNet MSTP, RS485) in a polycarb. enclosure with power supply and single pole fused disconnect What's included in the RS485 Radio Bundle: Poly carbonate enclosure Power...
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